Companion Pets

This page is dedicated to the companion pets that I encountered as I delivered meals to elderly and disabled clients along my route over the past seven months.

Many of those clients that I served in that capacity had little or no human company.

Their families were gone or just didn't visit much, and they'd sit staring glassy-eyed at the tv for most of their waking hours.

Sadly, I was one of the highlights of the week for them.

It seems to be the plight of the elderly. Some have outlived their families and friends. Some are simply abandoned to that solitude.

As they advance into that final stage of life, all that they once knew fades to the distant past, many live alone in run down houses and trailers, or senior communities.

Some are able to keep social ties with friends or family, but many simply adopt a sedentary life simply waiting for a delivery, dealing with a crippling injury or worse.

For many, the only true company they have day in and day out are their pets.

Most are dogs: usually small breeds that can bring a smile to someone who otherwise has little to feel good about.

There are a few cats, but they usually run and hide when strangers come into the house.

Dog's stick around to see what strangers and visitors have in store for their masters and them.

Most dogs would greet me at the door and jump up on the left leg of my cargo pants to get a treat I pulled from the leg pocket.

Some would never get used to me.

One Chihuahua/Fox Terrier mix named Peanut is famous in the company where I worked.

Peanut ripped the pant leg of a driver before me. He'd wag his tail and take a biscuit from you, then he'd come after you just as you were leaving.

Peanut wasn't home when I took these photos.

I guess the main reason I'm publishing this page is because one of my delivery stops was to a man who had about 8 dogs in his house.

He'd meet me at the porch as his dogs threw themselves at the windows and tried to get through the front door to see who I was. The smell of the place about knocked me over whenever he opened the door. Most of the dogs were young Schnauzers and were well fed, but untrained.

One day I got the call to stop deliveries because the client had died. A week later I drove by the house and there were some people inside taking his belongings from the house. I stopped to express my condolences and as I left, I asked what had happened to the dogs. They told me his dogs had all been put down, "They weren't even house trained" one of the relatives said.

I was shocked, and stunned that someone could order the demise of so many innocent creatures.

It continues to boggle my mind.

So I'm writing this tribute to these companion pets.

I can't really talk about the job a lot or the clients I served, but here are the pets who serve those elderly and disabled selflessly.


left to right

Ginger, Rusty, Bailey, Robbie, Paco, Precious, Lucky, Rocky, Shrek, Winkum, Blinkum, Nod, Buddy Boy

Tank, Gizmo, Scrappy, Buddy, Zeus, Jack, Boots, Sam

Tater, TJ, Suki, Shania, Miller, Jelly Bean, Annie

Gracie, Tinkerbell, Gypsy, Sissie, Midnight, Peppy, B.B., Doby, Lucky, Bud, Cocoa, Roman, Snowball, Daisy, Homer, Dee


Simon, Bud, Boo, Brutus, Mitzy, Sissy, Cocoa, Suze, Sunshine, Jack, Caesar, Dufus, Cody


Scruffy, Jesse, Rosie, Dallas, Gizmo, Caesar