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  As we finished 2006, I resigned from Hometown HiFi and from programming on WAIF. I have relocated and now live near Oxford Ohio which is a fair drive to the WAIF studios and some events have taken place over the past year that have brought me to this decision.

I will remain a member and supporter of WAIF, but my active participation has ended as of 12/27/2006.

For song lists, guest lists, and other information concerning specific Electric Church and Chimes of Freedom radio shows, check out the Blog page


Electric Church Radio Show


Electric Church is a radio program that I hosted on station WAIF 88.3FM in Cincinnati, Ohio. ďECĒ was about the music, life, legend and legacy of Jimi Hendrix. The show aired from 10PM to Midnight every time a fifth Wednesday occured in a month.

The reason I did this show stems mainly from the fact that I began to collect the music of Hendrix in the early 1970s and I havenít stopped since--such is my awe of this artist. My collection consists of over 100 separate releases of Jimiís music and interviews, plus dozens of books, magazines, catalogues and other references that I use during the program. Because of its early beginnings, I now own one of the largest and most complete private collections of works and relevant materials associated with Jimi Hendrix.

In the past, Iíve spotlighted the various Hendrix sidemen including bassist Billy Cox on January 30th, 2002 and Mitch Mitchell on May 29th, 2002. There have been shows where I feature Jimi playing the blues or his covers of other composerís songs. In May 2004, produced a show to commemorate the passing of bassist Noel Redding. Thatís how the Electric Church is put together. Each show features a different aspect of Hendrixís life or particular characteristics of his work. Electric Church is aired 4 or 5 times per year. WAIF-FM audio streams so you can check out the Electric Church on the web! My brother Bill does so from Tyler, Texas. Just click the WAIF link on the bottom of this page and follow the directions from WAIF's homepage, and you'll be streaming along to the sonic exclamations that proclaimed Hendrix as a seminal force in music.



                      The Chimes of Freedom Radio Show

Electric Church is part of the Hometown HiFi format that has been in existence since community radio station WAIF came to the airwaves in 1975. Hometown HiFi features a revolving format that changes from week to week in the Wednesday 10PM to midnight time slot and Electric Church is one of five shows that revolve in that time slot. The first week of the month is Poodle Bites which features the music of Frank Zappa with host Eric Slade, the second week is The Last Laugh which features classic comedy, the third week is psychedelic with host Mark Elstun, and beginning May 28, 2003, I am hosting an all new show called Chimes of Freedom which features the music of Bob Dylan on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Of course, If there is a fifth Wednesday, I will continue to host the Electric Church as well.

The Chimes of Freedom will be presented in much the same manner as the Electric Church, but Bob Dylanís career has spanned more than four decades, and his influence and achievements are as far ranging as any artist could ever hope to accomplish. So, based on the volume of his body of work, his indelible stamp on the face of music, and the unexplainable under-representation of his stellar catalogue on the radio airwaves, The Chimes of Freedom will be presented every month.

A show on Bob Dylan is a challenge for me. If you have listened to the Electric Church, you know that Hendrix was always more than happy to grant an interview or speak to a live audience, and I use these conversations to introduce or explain certain songs or to illustrate a philosophical point of view that was unique or defining to Hendrix. Dylan, on the other hand, has always been a private person who lets his music do the talking. Bob has done few interviews and most of them have not been widely published and are fairly inaccessible. Additionally, Dylan is still alive, so his lifeís work is still in progress. There are a few books about his life, but mainly, itís his music that matters to most folks, and The Chimes of Freedom will feature plenty of his wonderful tunes as interpreted by the maestro himself.

The Chimes of Freedom is an exciting undertaking for me and I will endeavor to present a thorough and entertaining show on the music, the man and the influence of one of the greatest songwriters ever to grace this planet, Bob Dylan.

Contact the Ez-E- Rider

f you would like to contact me about the shows or to make a song request you can email me at:

Audio Streaming

Tune in to WAIF 88.3FM from 10pm to midnight on the forth Wednesday of every month for The Chimes of Freedom, the fifth Wednesday (if there is one) for Electric Church, or log on to to audio stream the show anywhere on earth.

Check out the Blog

The Blog page includes song lists, guest lists

and some of the shows' content from most shows.



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