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This site contains information about the book Away With Words  which is written by poet and writer Ron Liggett of Hamilton, Ohio.

Away With Words is a collection of assorted poetic forms including sonnets, an epic, and various rhyming and non-rhyming poetic expressions

about life in the 21st century as seen through the eyes, mind and heart of an American who is saddled with the challenges that face all wage earners.

I have published a copy of the book Away With Words on this website.

There's also a section called Making Away With Words about the making of the book, and there is biographical information on the About the Author page.

This site also includes a description of Ron’s former radio shows

“Electric Church”  that featured the music of Jimi Hendrix and

“Chimes of Freedom”  which was about Bob Dylan.

These shows aired on station WAIF 88.3FM in Cincinnati.

Also contained on this site is a section that outlines Ron’s passion for running which has been intensive enough to complete four marathons.   

A veteran of the Marine Corps, and a 60 year old of Celtic descent; Christian American Ron Liggett continues to reinvent himself.


I started a  publication called Legend  which was a literary outlet for local Cincinnati writers. A page has been added filled with information about Legend.



is a long essay that tells about my life as a bassist

along with some photos from my checkered past.

See that on the Ron the bassist link.




I've added a page about rehabbing my barn called

Extreme Barn Makeover and Barn Makeover cont'd.


and  more

I added a page as a tribute to the companion pets of elderly and disabled folks I delivered meals to in 2008 and 2009.

I call it Companion Pets



Our band Toneshiners has released a CD called

Time To Shine

check out all of the details on the Toneshiners page!



This site is a work in progress so please join us frequently for more updates and some new features that Shane the Webmasta's working on....  See ya again soon!



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Read about the Electric Church and Chimes of Freedom radio shows


My book

This is the cover art for "Away With Words." Pretty cool, eh? Sonnets, an epic, various other forms of poetry, and a slick cover--what's not to like?

I published this long chapbook in 2002 with a company called 1st Books who was bought out by Authorhouse who has now dropped the title. It's about 150 pages of poetry I composed in 1999 and 2000. It got a couple of good reviews and has sold off and on for 8 years.

If you want a copy I've put it here online at Away With Words




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