A distilled product of Southern Ohio's fertile music scene and a potent mixture of rock, country, blues and funk;

Toneshiners provide proof that home brewed tunes and the finest traditional covers

are an established recipe for entertainment and fun.


 Toneshiners are happy to announce our CD release!


Time to Shine

 features14 original tunes that provide more than an hour of musical entertainment!


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Time To Shine CD Liner notes and photos


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Band members are:

Bill Fulcher -- drums, percussion and vocals

left-Larry Moore electric and acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin and vocals

right-Ron Liggett  bass, acoustic guitar and vocals

and our newest member:

Essel McAnnally -- guitar, bass, and vocals




Feature articles


Time to Shine: from the start

by Ron Liggett

Toneshiners are: Bill Fulcher (drums, percussion, vocals), Ron Liggett (bass, acoustic guitar, vocals), and Larry Moore (electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals). [Most recent addition to Toneshiners, Essel McAnnally (guitar, bass, vocals) joined after the recording sessions]. Veteran musicians with experience totaling more than a century of practical experience in the music scene, Toneshiners resolved to stretch our talents and capabilities as we ventured “outside the box” often when recording our tunes. To do that, we needed the proper environment. So after several months of research, we chose Group Effort Studio because of its great studio space, equipment, and talented engineer Dan Murphy. Every sound and voice on Time to Shine is performed by the Toneshiners with the notable exception of Cody Moore’s mandolin accompaniment on The Train.

We began to put together Time to Shine in the autumn of 2012. As it happened, I was in the most intense moments of chemotherapy, but during that period of time, my songwriting muse was awakened after many years of dormancy. I began to write some of the best tunes I had ever written. Coincidently, Larry Moore began to write some great songs as well. Over the next few months, Larry and I began to exchange ideas for songs via email and devoted all of our musical efforts toward songwriting and making scratch home recordings of our new tunes. Soon we were emailing demos to one another, and during a meeting at his home, we decided to professionally record a CD length work of our songs. In the mean time, Bill Fulcher joined our group and Toneshiners was formed.

In February 2013, we began recording Time to Shine. We took great care to produce each song as we had intended it to sound sparing no time or expense to achieve that end.  A culmination of more than 4 years of time, effort, and investment by the trio; Time to Shine is 14 songs totaling more than one hour of music.  We hope those who listen to Time to Shine will derive at least some of the pleasure we have enjoyed in making it. –RL


Recording Time to Shine

by Ron Liggett

For me, the very best aspect of recording Time to Shine has been the time I’ve spent with top notch professionals. Time to Shine has taken four years to record; and throughout the ups, downs and plateaus Toneshiners have experienced (both personally and as a band) the enthusiasm and focus of these professionals has never waned. Their energy and attention to detail has been an inspiration.

Of course fellow Toneshiners, Larry Moore and Bill Fulcher, have been absolutely great. Sometimes songs evolved during practice sessions, and Larry and Bill just rolled with it. After some confusion at first, we gelled and began to settle into learning and developing our compositions in preparation for recording.  Every sound and voice on Time to Shine has been performed by the three of us with one exception. Larry and Bill’s fine work on Time to Shine speaks for itself.

Working with engineer Dan Murphy has been a great experience as well. Dan owns Group Effort Studio in Erlanger, Ky., and he ran the console for just about all of the recording and most of the mixing of Time to Shine. Some of our ideas were pretty much outside the box, but regardless of our unconventional approach, Dan has remained enthusiastic and professional throughout the process of recording and mixing this release. He’s even come up with some fine ideas to help us achieve the great sounding tracks on Time to Shine.

My brother Mark Liggett has been solid as well. Mark is a Grammy nominated producer and among the most successful music executives to come from this part of the world. He took time out of his packed schedule to review each of our tracks and offer valuable insights and suggestions to help us elevate the quality of our recordings. It’s impossible to overstate what Mark’s experience and expertise has lent to this project.

Three of our tracks were mixed by world class engineer Jerry Lane at Mark’s studio, Legend Underground. Jerry’s touch behind the console is nearly impeccable, and his contribution has raised the level of quality for our tracks as well. Watching Jerry work was really an eye-opener for me.

After extensive research and phone contact we chose Disc Makers to manufacture the CD. Their affiliate mastering facility SoundLAB's chief engineer Paul Elliott put the final touches on the tracks and set them up for the CD, and for digital distribution including Apple itunes. We couldn't be happier with the outcome.

I’m a part time musician, but I think about music almost constantly, and my investment in the art of songwriting and making music is considerable. I am no newcomer to recording my songs. I recorded a couple dozen of my tunes in the 1970s and 1980s in some of the area’s finest studios. Presently, I’ve got a small multi-track home recording setup so I can sketch my song ideas and have at least a rough notion of the tune and structure so I can relate them to other musicians.

Though I’ve spent my adult life making music, I will say that recording the tunes for Time to Shine has enlightened me in so many ways about what it takes to make truly quality recordings. Beyond that, this was the first time my recordings have been included in an an album destined for global release in several formats. Making Time to Shine from start to finish along with so many dedicated and talented professionals has been the experience of a lifetime for me. Now that the project is complete, I'm looking to the future, and in the back of my mind, another release is beginning to take shape.

Though the appeal of the songs on Time to Shine will be subjective for the listener, the distractions of compromised recordings won’t be a factor because of the dedication and care of the professionals mentioned here. -- RL



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